Moda - Perfumes 02/09

Colección de perfumes para hombre Louis Vuitton

A través de seis composiciones excepcionales, Louis Vuitton explora nuevos territorios olfativos para el hombre y sus gusto por las aventuras.

The Film

After L’Immensité, Nouveau Monde, Orage, Sur la Route and Au Hasard, Les Parfums Louis Vuitton Collection grows with Météore, the newest fragrance for men by the Maison’s Master Perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.

The Campaign

A fantasy of Immensité as far as the eye can see, a visit to a Nouveau Monde , a tempest-tossed crossing with Orage, high hopes on the road with Sur la Route, chance encounters with Au Hasard, or the transcendant trajectory of Météore: each fragrance carries the promise of absolute intensity.

Les Voyages

From the ends of the world to Grasse, discover “Les Voyages de Jacques Cavallier Belletrud”, an itinerary with perfumery’s most luxurious raw ingredients

The Selection

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Perfume Météore 260,00€
Perfume L'Immensité 260,00€
Perfume Nouveau Monde 260,00€
Perfume Sur la route 260,00€
Perfume Au Hasard 260,00€